music: Civil Twilight

If you were a U2 fan back in day and now love indie rock, you’re going to love this band: Civil Twilight.

From Cape Town South Africa, the three piece rock band is made up on brothers Andrew and Steven McKellar and friend/percussionist Richard Wouters. Their music has a great soundtrack sound to it. This quality has scored them spots on many recognizable TV shows, like One Tree Hill, House, and Vampire Diaries.

You know what I mean by “soundtrack sound”…right? When you listen to their songs on your iPod, you envision yourself being in a movie while their song plays during your “thinking” scene. Don’t pretend like you have no idea what I’m talking about. All of us do this. We picture ourselves in a crazy drama or an awesome rom-com, and we love to pick out the songs that would be in our soundtrack. Point being, Civil Twilight would definitely be in my soundtrack at some point.

Check out their music video for their best known single, “Letters from the Sky”:


Click here to download Letters from the Sky

Click here to download Human  **my favorite

Click here to download Quiet in My Town


diy: Record Player Bowls

Want a project that takes only a few minutes, is super easy, super cheap and has a cool vintage look? Great. I have a project idea for you.

  1. Score some cheap records from your local thrift store. Tidbit: Don’t get a record you want to listen to or have an emotional connection to. You’re never going to be able to listen to this again.
  2. Heat up your oven to at least 350 degrees.
  3. Lay your record over an oven-safe bowl and put it in the oven. Make sure to put the record hole in the center of the bowl (otherwise your edges are not going to match up). I use my Fiestaware. Not only is it super colorful, but Fiestaware is microwave safe, dishwasher safe and oven safe.
  4. Leave your record in there for a couple minutes…let is get real warm.
  5. When you pull it out, make sure to have gloves on and be ready to move fast. The record will be hot, but you’ll want gloves so you can use your fingers to shape the record.
  6. Shape it how you want! Make a tall bowl or make a low and shallow bowl.

This was my favorite finished product:

When you really figure out how to shape these things quickly…you can make more than just bowls. Be creative!

music: Vandaveer

It’s pretty rare that I listen to a song and think “I must listen to every song this artist has made EVER.” That happened, with this band, with Vandaveer.

On a roadtrip from California to Iowa, my friend introduced me to this band (or rather an alt-folk “project”). It could not have made 4 days in a car more enjoyable. For a more in-depth read of how this project was started, check out their bio.

This is one of my favorite music videos. I dare you to not be entranced by the lyrics and his eyes.

Click here for a free ALBUM download of Vandaveer’s Divide & Conquer.




Dakota Skye

I watched this movie a couple of years ago and totally forgot about it. After giving it a second watch a couple days ago, I cannot stop thinking about it. It instantly went on my favorite list and all I want to do is listen to the soundtrack. Since there is no official soundtrack, I’m now listening to a lot of Jonah Matranga of onelinedrawing. And I absolutely love him and his music.

Check out this song:

Crush on Everyone – Jonah Matranga

For funsies, you can watch an extended trailer of the movie. The cover featured in this trailer is also from Jonah.

P.S. Be careful looking up Dakota Skye on the internet. Especially Google Image Search. Holy crap. Found out there’s a porn star named Dakota Skye. Probably coulda guessed that though, huh.

Back at it.

So it’s been a little over 4 months since the fire…although it seems MUCH longer than that. In that time, I have: rented out an old school apartment and cleaned it like crazy, repainted every room, completely furnished and decorated it, built up my wardrobe and started crafting again.

(I also went on road trips to California and to New York. Seems crazy!)

I owe a lot to my friends and family out here. My friend let me crash on her couch for a few weeks, my parents drove over multiple times with loads of things in their van and everyone was so giving and thoughtful throughout everything. It was a good feeling realizing how much of a community I’ve built for myself here in Iowa City.

I am super grateful for one box. I had put some boxes in my friend’s garage over the summer to make the moving process a bit easier on myself. Luckily, I had left a couple boxes in that garage. One box in particular made me break out into instant tears. It was full of all my old journals and diaries all the way back to elementary school and a stack of childhood pictures of me and my brother. I had a few gem photos of me and my friends in high school, too. It was almost like fate. I could not believe that that was one of the boxes I had left behind.

BUT! now it is time to get Wolf Shirts and More running again. Time to post up some more music and music downloads. Time to start crafting…time to start creating some awesome things for my new apartment. And it comes all with a new design.

So here we are, everybody! Thanks for being awesome through this all. On to the fun!



If you want to check out some pictures, you can click the links below:

Slideshow of the night of the fire

Slideshow of the torn down building


Sept. 24

I just wanted to give a quick update to explain why there have not been any new posts lately and why there probably will not be for a while.

Project 225, or my new apartment, caught on fire a week ago today. The fire started around 2AM and kept burning strong until 11AM. I will never forget that night, and this past week has just been a blur. With the fire, I lost everything. I ran out of the building with a t-shirt, sweatpants, my phone and my keys. Everything else is gone. My projects, my memories, all of my little treasures and most importantly, James and Bugg.

As it’s been a week, I cannot continue to dwell on the past. Instead, I have to focus on the future and look at this as a brand new canvas. Like, so new that I haven’t even taken off the shrink wrap. So Wolf Shirts and More will return with all new posts. I just wanted to warn you all that it would be a while before those new posts will appear.

Thank you to everyone. Love, Molly

diy: Oh, My Teal Furniture

About a year ago, I got this cute little orange table. It’s a perfect “diner” 2-seater table. I bought it off of Craigslist, and the couple I bought it from threw in this old school coke chair. I fell in love with both pieces, but it just didn’t go with my apartment. It just didn’t match ME. The orange top on the table was bubbly and there were burn marks. The black on the coke chair was so poorly spray painted on that there were literally drop marks hanging in some places. I gave up on them for a while and tried to put them back on Craiglist. I was at a loss.

Finally, I decided to just go for it and repaint the two pieces. Stripping paint off a metal coke chair was definitely time-consuming. And the orange color underneath the black paint on the chair was really confusing. But whatever, I painted over it. Stripping the paint off of the table top was a good move too, because it gave me a chance to sand down the table top where the burn marks were.

 This is the final product and I absolutely love it. I touched up the silver on the table with silver Rustoleum spray paint. I coated the top with a teal. I matched the chair seat with the same teal and did the rest in the same silver. It looks like these two pieces were meant to be together. And they were meant to be with me. I LOVE them both so much. 🙂

music: Up Up Up

This song is sooo upbeat and soo catchy, I just know I’ve heard it before. It sounds so familiar. So either I like it so much I think that, or legit I’ve heard it before. Does it sound familiar to anyone else…was this in a commercial or something?!?! I’m kind of going crazy thinking about it now. Holy crap.

Either way, this song is legit and this music video is a bit psychedelic.  Love it that way. Enjoy the free music.

Up Up Up – Givers

Click here to download this song for free.

music: Not in British Columbia

If you were looking for a sound that mixed a 70s hit, indie pop and music you can skip down the street to, that sound is Empress Hotel. I feel like their music has a new taste, but yet could still be in the soundtrack to a movie that was set in the 1970s. Therefore, I really like this band. Check out this track of theirs: Bells Ring.

Ok, so not everyone in the band is in this picture – but I love it. So colorful and it looks like so much fun. I would fucking love to sit in a room filled with balloons.

Click here to download Bells Ring by Empress Hotel for free.

To download from this website, enter the code in on the top right, then right click to “save link as.” On a Mac, press command and click to “save link as.”