You can do this…to your record player!

This time, I’ll show you what I did to turn  an old, non-working record player that I got as a gift into one of the main decorative pieces in my living room.

This is what the record player look like when I received it:

It had a plastic top that was kind of broken and got very dusty easily. The needle was broken off which made playing records impossible! Other than that, it was in good condition – just a machine that didn’t look as cool as it was.

So I took some time and turned it into this:

I took off the broken, plastic lid and kept it in storage. I bought a new needle with the help of the Needle Doctor on If you’re not sure what type of needle you have, just give them a call and they’re very helpful. Lastly, I painted the base red so it stands out and looks unique! Now, it’s an accessory in my apartment that you can’t help but notice!

More crafty time to come. Promise.

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