You can do this…to anything!

Want to do something super simple that can really change an entire piece of furniture and possibly even the feel of the room? How about some paint?!?

I found this little stand at a thrift store. The wood was in pretty okay shape, but the drawer was pretty scratched up. So I bought it anyways (I needed something to put my record player on!!), and had an idea. I took out the drawer and painted it one of the accent colors of my living room. Simple, right? Yes, it is.

Just take out the drawer. Take off the handle. Paint it. In this case, I did a couple coats of spray paint. Wait for it to dry. Put the handle back in. Put the drawer back in. There ya go. Finished.

That little purple drawer completely adds a fun element to the living room. Whether it’s a drawer, the legs of a chair, a knob on a cabinet, one of the shelves in your bookcase, etc! So don’t be afraid to take a bold accent color and paint some furniture!

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