You can do this…to your refrigerator!

Here’s an idea that I got from an awesome blog called “Delightfully Tacky” (<- click there you will not regret ready the super cute things OR even being jealous of that bomb ass Winnebago that’s right there on the front page).

Anyways, so I live in this older apartment, and with it came this older white refrigerator. To make it different and even have it fit in with all of the “old school” cabinets and such that are in my kitchen (everything is still painted that 70’s green), I decided to cover my refrigerator in contact paper to give it some oopmh! There are the easy steps I took:

Step 1. Measure the contact paper perfectly

Step 2. You might have to unscrew the handles off your refrigerator, just punch a tiny hole on the contact paper so you can screw them back in.

Step 3. Put the contact paper on each sheet at a time. Don’t be afraid to overlap – you’re going to have to. It won’t look bad!

Step 4. Put your pictures and magazines back on and admire the awesomeness.

Looks completely different. And super easy. Now my fake wood frigerator really makes the magnets and pictures on it pop out, too.

Side note: You don’t have to use the wood contact paper. There are so many other designs out there – so you can decorate your frig any way you want!

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