No clever title…it’s too cute

The video below is my favorite songs by Magnet. While the music video is the best, it’s the song that counts.

Fall At Your Feet – Magnet

So this music video isn’t the best in the world, but it’s the song that counts. I love Magnet…check out his entire album if you have a chance. In fact, I’m going to give you the chance right now to check out his entire On Your Side album.

Click here to download the On Your Side album by Magnet

It includes an awesome cover of Bob Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay. You won’t regret this download.

When I put up music videos, you can still get the mp3 file. Wanna know how?

In fact, you can do this with any youtube video. Go to Copy and paste the youtube URL of the video you want to put into You can then download the video itself or just the mp3 file. While this is a great way to get songs that you can only find on youtube, you can also download any TV show/movie that you find on youtube to put into your iTunes. Then you can watch it later on your iPod!

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