Little wooden shelves are not enough

The closet in my bedroom is tiny. Super tiny. Imagine walking through a tiny door. The door is smaller than that. I have Wonder Hangers and a huge dresser, and I still don’t have enough room for my clothes. I also don’t have a lot of floor space. But I needed some big shelves to put clothes on. My solution? Wire shelves – and hang them on the wall!

You know those black wire shelves you can buy at your local Wal-Mart, Target, etc? Pretty cheap, and they only come in black. I bought a box of those, and some cans of blue spray paint.

I started to transform the black wires into baby blue beauties…

I found spray paint was the fastest and easiest way to paint these, because you have to make sure you get in every corner and along every side. I painted these on my fire escape…it didn’t make my apartment stink and I don’t have to have boundaries on where I spray.

Next, you should figure out how you want to connect them? Do you want a long vertical line, a long horizontal line, a square? I went with the 3 & 2 pattern, so I had a shelf for something to be exposed.

Next, I zip-tied the cubes together (to really keep them together). I hung mine on the wall with screws. I put one screw for each cube to make it extra secure. Make sure (before you hang them on the wall) that you’ve checked for studs. These things are heavy, so you don’t want to just hang them anywhere on the wall. It’ll fall right off and bring out the screws.

And here is a final look at a wall in my bedroom with the shelves with t-shirts in them (with a super cute shot of my awesome curtains).

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