diy: From trash to productivity

I found these old wooden certificate frames in the trash a few weeks ago, and knew right away that I could make something out of them!

So I took 2 of them home, sanded the middle down, primed them and started to paint. I decided both would have a green border, but the middle of each would be a different type of paint.

I had leftover chalkboard paint from a coffee table I had painted a couple years ago (yes, I had a chalkboard coffee table – it was pretty awesome and always entertaining). I went out and got some magnetic paint as well. So one board could be a chalkboard and the other could be magnetic. The nice thing about magnetic paint is that you can paint over it in any color and it still has its power. It’s also very important when painting with paints like this that you spray a finish on it.

I took them back to work and put them right by my desk. Now I have a handy chalkboard and a handy magnetic board! It was a super easy paint project that produced a pretty awesome result.

Message of the day: Do not forget about the different and unique paints that are out there: chalkboard, magnetic, whiteboard, glow-in-the-dark, etc. It adds a little something to any project.

4 thoughts on “diy: From trash to productivity

  1. Let’s paint an entire wall of the store/music venue/tattoo parlor I’m forcing you to open with chalkboard paint. 🙂 Very, very cute boards!

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