James and Bugg

It took me a while to find these guys. But one weekend in Chicago, my friend, Lora, and I came across them. It was our second hunt for a turtle…and we walked away with two little cuties. James and Bugg.

When people see them right away, they ask me how I tell them apart. It’s funny though. They do have some physical differences, but the easiest way is their personalities.A lot of people think that turtles are like fish. They swim, they eat, and you can watch them. But in fact, they’re much more like dogs. They have personalities, and they recognize people. They know who I am. And they would rather eat out of my hand than off their rock. Anyways, Bugg is full of personality. He’s real active and he’s always moving. He also believes that he’s starving. James is quite the opposite. He’s scared of almost everything and will pop into his shell at any moment. He enjoys eating out of my hand, but only when Bugg isn’t around. Bugg definitely bullies James, so I have to make sure to feed James separately sometimes so he gets as much food as he’s supposed to.

Get ready for the first post of many about James & Bugg. Below is a picture of Bugg looking at me and begging for food.

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