music: good kind of Rapture

I have a weakness for British TV shows.

It first began with Skins. To be fair, was a fucking amazing show. You start one episode and all of a sudden you’re done with the series. You never know what the hell is going to happen. And there’s quite a bit of drinkin’, drugs and sex. Wouldn’t be a UK show without that, right?

So then Hulu Plus told me this weekend that a pretty popular show was Misfits. I was like, “Ok, Hulu Plus. I do like superhero things with supernatural powers. I’m in.” But Holy Hell, Hulu Plus knew. There were supernatural powers IN A BRITISH TV SHOW. I was hooked. There were 11 45 minute episodes. I started yesterday morning. I’m already done. Waiting for the next episode. CANNOT WAIT. Great show.

Another super terrific thing about this TV show? The music. Woa. I now have a playlist of 91 tracks that I cannot wait to listen to. That’s about 7 hours of new music for me. Mix of super old school jazz all the way to electro house techno.

The download I’m providing you today is the album from the band, The Rapture. The Rapture’s song, Echoes, is the intro music to the Misfits. So I thought it was fitting to share this first. It’s a bit “harder” than what I usually listen to. But hey, everything deserves a chance. And the more you expand, the more you enjoy.

Enjoy The Rapture. Click here to download their album, Echoes.

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