diy: Oh, My Teal Furniture

About a year ago, I got this cute little orange table. It’s a perfect “diner” 2-seater table. I bought it off of Craigslist, and the couple I bought it from threw in this old school coke chair. I fell in love with both pieces, but it just didn’t go with my apartment. It just didn’t match ME. The orange top on the table was bubbly and there were burn marks. The black on the coke chair was so poorly spray painted on that there were literally drop marks hanging in some places. I gave up on them for a while and tried to put them back on Craiglist. I was at a loss.

Finally, I decided to just go for it and repaint the two pieces. Stripping paint off a metal coke chair was definitely time-consuming. And the orange color underneath the black paint on the chair was really confusing. But whatever, I painted over it. Stripping the paint off of the table top was a good move too, because it gave me a chance to sand down the table top where the burn marks were.

 This is the final product and I absolutely love it. I touched up the silver on the table with silver Rustoleum spray paint. I coated the top with a teal. I matched the chair seat with the same teal and did the rest in the same silver. It looks like these two pieces were meant to be together. And they were meant to be with me. I LOVE them both so much. 🙂

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