Back at it.

So it’s been a little over 4 months since the fire…although it seems MUCH longer than that. In that time, I have: rented out an old school apartment and cleaned it like crazy, repainted every room, completely furnished and decorated it, built up my wardrobe and started crafting again.

(I also went on road trips to California and to New York. Seems crazy!)

I owe a lot to my friends and family out here. My friend let me crash on her couch for a few weeks, my parents drove over multiple times with loads of things in their van and everyone was so giving and thoughtful throughout everything. It was a good feeling realizing how much of a community I’ve built for myself here in Iowa City.

I am super grateful for one box. I had put some boxes in my friend’s garage over the summer to make the moving process a bit easier on myself. Luckily, I had left a couple boxes in that garage. One box in particular made me break out into instant tears. It was full of all my old journals and diaries all the way back to elementary school and a stack of childhood pictures of me and my brother. I had a few gem photos of me and my friends in high school, too. It was almost like fate. I could not believe that that was one of the boxes I had left behind.

BUT! now it is time to get Wolf Shirts and More running again. Time to post up some more music and music downloads. Time to start crafting…time to start creating some awesome things for my new apartment. And it comes all with a new design.

So here we are, everybody! Thanks for being awesome through this all. On to the fun!



If you want to check out some pictures, you can click the links below:

Slideshow of the night of the fire

Slideshow of the torn down building


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