diy: Record Player Bowls

Want a project that takes only a few minutes, is super easy, super cheap and has a cool vintage look? Great. I have a project idea for you.

  1. Score some cheap records from your local thrift store. Tidbit: Don’t get a record you want to listen to or have an emotional connection to. You’re never going to be able to listen to this again.
  2. Heat up your oven to at least 350 degrees.
  3. Lay your record over an oven-safe bowl and put it in the oven. Make sure to put the record hole in the center of the bowl (otherwise your edges are not going to match up). I use my Fiestaware. Not only is it super colorful, but Fiestaware is microwave safe, dishwasher safe and oven safe.
  4. Leave your record in there for a couple minutes…let is get real warm.
  5. When you pull it out, make sure to have gloves on and be ready to move fast. The record will be hot, but you’ll want gloves so you can use your fingers to shape the record.
  6. Shape it how you want! Make a tall bowl or make a low and shallow bowl.

This was my favorite finished product:

When you really figure out how to shape these things quickly…you can make more than just bowls. Be creative!

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