music: Civil Twilight

If you were a U2 fan back in day and now love indie rock, you’re going to love this band: Civil Twilight.

From Cape Town South Africa, the three piece rock band is made up on brothers Andrew and Steven McKellar and friend/percussionist Richard Wouters. Their music has a great soundtrack sound to it. This quality has scored them spots on many recognizable TV shows, like One Tree Hill, House, and Vampire Diaries.

You know what I mean by “soundtrack sound”…right? When you listen to their songs on your iPod, you envision yourself being in a movie while their song plays during your “thinking” scene. Don’t pretend like you have no idea what I’m talking about. All of us do this. We picture ourselves in a crazy drama or an awesome rom-com, and we love to pick out the songs that would be in our soundtrack. Point being, Civil Twilight would definitely be in my soundtrack at some point.

Check out their music video for their best known single, “Letters from the Sky”:


Click here to download Letters from the Sky

Click here to download Human  **my favorite

Click here to download Quiet in My Town


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