what is this

Wolf Shirts and More… excuse me?

Ok, so there is a whole LOT of more than there are wolf shirts featured in this blog. But wolf shirts are my favorite things and kind of what started it all.

This is for you to enjoy all of the craft how-tos and free music downloads.

Hello? This is me!
My name is Molly, and I live in Iowa City, IA. I know it sounds horrible, but Iowa City is a little pocket of culture and fun in the MidWest. I’m glad to be able to call this place home for now.
I love my job – I plan events (Really, I advise college students to help them plan events. They do all the work.) We do anything from stand-up comedy shows to concerts to taking road trips…it really is a terrific job to have.But I ALSO love spending time in my apartment listening to music while doing crafty things. Hence – this blog! I wanted to share what I work on with my friends and family who are in faraway places.

One thought on “what is this

  1. I am so surprised in your DIY ability once I see your blog,I think you must be a lifeful and artistic girl,right?I am also like music and DIY , but after I see your blog ,I know I just a kid in front of you .Your IDY ability really surprising ,how great you are .How strongly I hope you are a person around me ,that I can discuss it with you . In my daily life ,reading and writing are my favourite ,when I do these things ,I think I am the happiest girl in the world. Hope you would remember me and then connect me ,waiting for your good news! weihanshuai@163.com is my E-mail,and my QQ :448713414.

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