diy: Record Player Bowls

Want a project that takes only a few minutes, is super easy, super cheap and has a cool vintage look? Great. I have a project idea for you. Score some cheap records from your local thrift store. Tidbit: Don’t get a record you want to listen to or have an emotional connection to. You’re never […]

Back at it.

So it’s been a little over 4 months since the fire…although it seems MUCH longer than that. In that time, I have: rented out an old school apartment and cleaned it like crazy, repainted every room, completely furnished and decorated it, built up my wardrobe and started crafting again. (I also went on road trips […]

Sept. 24

I just wanted to give a quick update to explain why there have not been any new posts lately and why there probably will not be for a while. Project 225, or my new apartment, caught on fire a week ago today. The fire started around 2AM and kept burning strong until 11AM. I will […]

music: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr

  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, then just watch this music video. Give them this chance and you’ll kind of love them. Their song is catchy and they’re super quirky. And they know how to end a video for sure. Nothing But Our Love – Dale Earnhardt Jr. […]

diy: Oh, My Teal Furniture

About a year ago, I got this cute little orange table. It’s a perfect “diner” 2-seater table. I bought it off of Craigslist, and the couple I bought it from threw in this old school coke chair. I fell in love with both pieces, but it just didn’t go with my apartment. It just didn’t […]

music: Up Up Up

This song is sooo upbeat and soo catchy, I just know I’ve heard it before. It sounds so familiar. So either I like it so much I think that, or legit I’ve heard it before. Does it sound familiar to anyone else…was this in a commercial or something?!?! I’m kind of going crazy thinking about […]