Back at it.

So it’s been a little over 4 months since the fire…although it seems MUCH longer than that. In that time, I have: rented out an old school apartment and cleaned it like crazy, repainted every room, completely furnished and decorated it, built up my wardrobe and started crafting again. (I also went on road trips […]

James and Bugg

It took me a while to find these guys. But one weekend in Chicago, my friend, Lora, and I came across them. It was our second hunt for a turtle…and we walked away with two little cuties. James and Bugg. When people see them right away, they ask me how I tell them apart. It’s […]

Travel Tips

I am a regular follow or Apartment Therapy. Which is hella hard to do, because they have like 273 posts a day. But this article I am about to share with you could change your life. Yes. It is about how to pack luggage. This is a new method which I have yet to try, […]

Cat, cat, cat.

My blogging seems to have either a very busy day or a completely nothing day. Today seems to be BUSY. This is a video I just came across that I feel the need to share. Bela: LHomme Chat. I have a friend who could do this for a living, I’m sure. I will not name […]


Follow my blog with Bloglovin Are you a fan of multiple blogs?? If so, I recommend you sign up for Bloglovin’. You can “follow” all of your favorite blogs, and it creates all new posts from all of your favorite blogs in a mini-feed sort of way. You can then mark each post as “read” […]

Do not roll over

I just came across these pictures and had to share them. Mostly so I remember them myself as well. They’re pictures from Ditte Isager. How cool would this be?!? Having a bed in a tree? You would just have to be SOO careful to not move much during the night. Otherwise, well, you gone.