diy: Happiness is still Homemade

I made a super cool discovery at a flea market at Wolff’s Flea Market in Rosemont, IL. The flea market is basically a shit show in an arena parking lot. But a nice shit show, as you can make some good finds. Pictures now. Too many words.

The find I made was a stitching with a lot of color that says Happiness is still Homemade. Super cute for any DIYer. I caught it out of the corner of my eye as it was barely taped to a piece of cardboard. NOT a problem though. Easy fix.

I found a frame I thrifted, got out some purple paint, and taped the stitching to the backing that came with the frame. Oh yes, and I was watching some things on Netflix while doing this. That’s why the remote was out. Probably The Tudors.

Perfect! And by the way, that is not a green color I just photoshopped in. That is LEGIT the color of my living room wall. Hey, I just moved in to this apartment a few weeks ago. Give me some more time and we’ll see what I can do about that green color.

music: good kind of Rapture

I have a weakness for British TV shows.

It first began with Skins. To be fair, was a fucking amazing show. You start one episode and all of a sudden you’re done with the series. You never know what the hell is going to happen. And there’s quite a bit of drinkin’, drugs and sex. Wouldn’t be a UK show without that, right?

So then Hulu Plus told me this weekend that a pretty popular show was Misfits. I was like, “Ok, Hulu Plus. I do like superhero things with supernatural powers. I’m in.” But Holy Hell, Hulu Plus knew. There were supernatural powers IN A BRITISH TV SHOW. I was hooked. There were 11 45 minute episodes. I started yesterday morning. I’m already done. Waiting for the next episode. CANNOT WAIT. Great show.

Another super terrific thing about this TV show? The music. Woa. I now have a playlist of 91 tracks that I cannot wait to listen to. That’s about 7 hours of new music for me. Mix of super old school jazz all the way to electro house techno.

The download I’m providing you today is the album from the band, The Rapture. The Rapture’s song, Echoes, is the intro music to the Misfits. So I thought it was fitting to share this first. It’s a bit “harder” than what I usually listen to. But hey, everything deserves a chance. And the more you expand, the more you enjoy.

Enjoy The Rapture. Click here to download their album, Echoes.

James and Bugg

It took me a while to find these guys. But one weekend in Chicago, my friend, Lora, and I came across them. It was our second hunt for a turtle…and we walked away with two little cuties. James and Bugg.

When people see them right away, they ask me how I tell them apart. It’s funny though. They do have some physical differences, but the easiest way is their personalities.A lot of people think that turtles are like fish. They swim, they eat, and you can watch them. But in fact, they’re much more like dogs. They have personalities, and they recognize people. They know who I am. And they would rather eat out of my hand than off their rock. Anyways, Bugg is full of personality. He’s real active and he’s always moving. He also believes that he’s starving. James is quite the opposite. He’s scared of almost everything and will pop into his shell at any moment. He enjoys eating out of my hand, but only when Bugg isn’t around. Bugg definitely bullies James, so I have to make sure to feed James separately sometimes so he gets as much food as he’s supposed to.

Get ready for the first post of many about James & Bugg. Below is a picture of Bugg looking at me and begging for food.

music: foster what?

Where the hell did this band come from? I feel like one night everyone got a text message about it. Then everyone had it in their heads the next day at work. And this entire time I’m lookin’ like a jackass because I have no idea about what fostering people is. Turns out it’s a band. Foster the People. And I understand why their fame came overnight (I don’t really know if it did, but that’s still what it seems like to me). Their songs are freakin’ catchy and fun. Enjoy the music video and the free music download.

Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People

Click here to download the song for free

music: Super cute, no weepin’

I love this duo. Deb Talan and Steve Tannen, also known as The Weepies.

You’ve heard their music on a variety of TV shows, so that’s why it must sound familiar. I first heard of them because I downloaded one of their songs as a free download a few years ago. Gotta Have You is one of those songs that you don’t tire of, and when it comes on your iPod from shuffle – you don’t change it. You just let it play. You know those songs?

Anyways, here is the music video for one of their songs (I picked this one because I love the monster. I love story music videos (can you tell?). Below is 2 free Weepies downloads. You welcome.

World Spins Madly On – The Weepies

Click here to download Gotta Have You

Click here to download World Spins Madly On

diy: Tie-Dye Eating

I’m just going to go ahead and get it out in the open. This is a DIY. I don’t care if you don’t classify it as such, but I do. Baking is hard…it takes a lot of work and concentration.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather dig through a dump, find an old chair, bend the metal back in place, paint it and reupholster it before I would bake more cupcakes again. This shit is hard. So let me share with you some really bad pictures of when I made some tie-dye neon cupcakes. Steps are self-explanatory. Enjoy.

Travel Tips

I am a regular follow or Apartment Therapy. Which is hella hard to do, because they have like 273 posts a day. But this article I am about to share with you could change your life. Yes. It is about how to pack luggage. This is a new method which I have yet to try, but am excited for that day to come. Wanted to share it.

via Apartment Therapy

music: Night Creepers have Wolves

What up, Drew Barrymore. You know how to make a music video for sure. I like it. A lot. You’ll probs find yourself watching this going “Aah yeah, what’s he from?!?” like 42 times. Girl from Secret Life? The Teen Wolf kid? The cousin from Arrested Development? When I saw Miranda Cosgrove I almost lost my shit. If this is interesting you already, you gots to watch this video. Enjoy.

Best Coast – Our Deal
Directed by Drew Barrymore

diy: Sea Glass Ring…Thanks, Liz!

I got a special surprise in the mail the other day, and it made me smile sooo much!

My friend, Liz, who is in St. Vincent for 2 years with the Peace Corps, mailed me a ring she made herself! She made it from sea glass that she found on the beach. It’s so beautiful and just my style. She knows me well. Simple and natural colors. When she mailed it, she put it around a tube of Lipsmacker so it would hold it’s shape and not break. She’s brilliant and now I have Cotton Candy Lipsmacker!!

I also love how the sea glass kind of wraps around my finger as well.

Check out Liz’s blog…she’s the first one in my blogroll!