diy: Record Player Bowls

Want a project that takes only a few minutes, is super easy, super cheap and has a cool vintage look? Great. I have a project idea for you. Score some cheap records from your local thrift store. Tidbit: Don’t get a record you want to listen to or have an emotional connection to. You’re never […]

diy: Nasty lampshade problems?

  Do you have an old lamp, that you really like…but the lampshade just doesn’t go with the room you want it in? Ok, so here’s what you do. Go to the store, find some fabric that you like, and get enough to cover the lampshade. It’s easy to change the entire look of your […]

Hanky Craftiness

I discovered another new blog that’s pretty crafty. It’s called Smile and Wave, and the author is a mother from Springfield, MO (same place as the author of A Beautiful Mess). Point of that realization is that I better plan a trip to Springfield soon. Anyways, check out the Smile and Wave blog here. This […]

Metallic aMazingness

I went shopping at Goodwill one day and found this adorable little deer. (By the way, I love deer things. My whole apartment is decorated with them. Pictures, vases, figurines, etc… Love ’em!) Anyways, I thought…there is only one thing that could make this little figurine better. Make him flashy! I knew there was one […]

What I want to do…

Listen, I’ve got a pretty heavy to-do list right now of DIY projects that I want to do. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a lot of time. Good NEWS – I think I’ve got some serious weekend time coming soon, so I will be able to knock some projects OUT. But I wanted to share this […]